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Loan Signing

At BPR Services LLC, we take care of your paperwork so you can execute your deals properly. We are state and government-appointed officials to serve the residents of Florida. If you live in Broward County or Palm Beach, we have the agents for you. We have been screened and found worthy to serve you.

We have experience in essential documents, prenuptial agreements, real estate, or power of attorney documents will be taken care of. We have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to sign your documents, take responsibility, and provide all the services you need for legal transactions. At BPR Services LLC, we notarise and certify financial and legal documentation related to loan documents. Your success is our priority.

We are available to serve companies, individuals, financial institutions, mortgage brokers, attorneys, real estate agents, and several other brands. Many closings need a certified signing agent, so we have decided to stay in business. We are a dependable and excellent signing agent, ready to stand by you 24/7.

If you are ready to get signed, we are ready to print your document and get to work. We sign your loan documents, settlements, bids, contracts, bank forms, compliance agreements, and power of attorney. We understand that loan signing can be confusing, and you need someone to answer your questions; we are always available to respond to you. Contact us now at (954) 859-8229 or send us an email at

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